Branding, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design, E-commerce


Fora D'HOras


Shopping Platform


Fora D’Horas is an online store that delivers supermarket products and cooked meals during nighttime. It works on a website where the client can order online.


Branding, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design, E-commerce




The challenge we created for ourselves was to try to improve UX, making the user’s experience much better, and at the same time making the interface more visually appealing and updated. Besides, we wanted to implement additional resources that provide more useful info to the user, and help him purchase items and create a connection with the platform.
The brand we found on social media and on the website isn’t memorable or distinctive in any way, it doesn’t impact. It’s too simple and too basic, the idea is not clear to the visitor. We focused on defining the character and the brand’s strengths. We created an identity that can be used anywhere, in any platforms, consistently.

Moving on to the website, we worked in order to potentialize the platform’s services and products, following the e-commerce good habits. We developed a platform that is intuitive and of easy use, simplifying the user’s experience and making the purchase much more accessible and desirable.