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Coffee Shop Website


Web Design, Front-ent Development


We believe that nowadays the online presence is one of the biggest sources of clients, and is a strong standout from other similar services. The user needs the page to feel real, credible and trustworthy, and we didn’t find that when we researched several Coffee Shops and their websites. We felt like they didn’t do justice to the quality of their services nor represented the Shop well. Besides, a website has to be extremely functional and its navigations has to be intuitive to encourage the user to explore the contents of the website and have a good experience doing it. Finally, these websites rarely have been developed following the SEO good habits, making it harder for the user to find them through search engines.




We developed a structure that captivates the user through a strong, current and elegant image and a well constructed user experience. This makes him go search for more information on the service, contact it, and finally, use it. Besides, we work on SEO of the website, making it appealing to search engines. In the end, you have a well made, functional and effective website, while still being visually appealing.